119 blooming delicates

7 hour work. yes, dealing with these delicates.

a friend of mine shared me with an analogy: people are broken but beautiful even in the midst of the fragility there is radiance. just like flowers, they are beautiful but they are fragile and a lot of care and love is necessary to make them bloom.










108 you’re so important, here’s a statue of you

trafalgar square, london
trafalgar square, london

i remember telling the three of them that i wanted to get to the trafalgar square because of the lions. i wanted to sit on them. we took the bus that drove past the square a couple of times and i would look over longingly at the lions until they were out of sight. i sound like a forlorn child who needs to grow up, but that was the true state of my heart that has a weakness for large statues.

statues look intimidating with some dark and eerie shadow. yet, they stand upright, confident and commands respect without much seeking after it. i enjoy looking at them, somehow you seem to know them because you see their (almost) actual being. sometimes, the weird part of me wishes i could ask them what their story is. but i won’t deny that there have been times that i feel that they are alive, and the hairs on my back stand, i walk away.

these public figures receive so much respect and mean so much to people that they are actually remembered not just by a photo but a statue. what a big deal! it really is an honour to receive a statue made in remembrance of you when you’re gone.

(i know that these lions are totally unrelated to public figure statues, but it led me to thinking about statues)

dominion, london
edinburgh castle, edinburgh

105 vandalism of the name

i have decided to start a photo diary because sometimes i just can’t put my thoughts to words. so, i never really went into detail about my recent travel to the united kingdom. here i will begin. i promise i will go in sequence of my trip it’s just that for now i am going to start with our name:


this was taken on the second last day of our stay. we were at the Abbey Road Studios (where the Beatles did their recordings), anyone was free to vandalise on the walls. and i drew this doodle of the four of us.

four people, two boys and two girls. classmates and travel companions. we called ourselves #wearegradtrip. we are all different. and we definitely learned to embrace each other’s differences.


this drawing of john lennon looks like Jesus in glasses, what an art piece.

so i guess we are… permitted access to the car park then. i still remember how i wasn’t really that excited about the whole Abbey Road thing because i didn’t listen to the Beatles and well just looking at the number of people outside the studios made me realise like – wow this is a big deal.

065 Brick-through

Paid a visit to the exhibition at the ArtScience museum! It was called ‘The Art of Brick’, so basically great sculptures built by Nathan Sawaya! Looking at all the sculptures alone aren’t good enough, you have to read what the captions are to fully understand the story or reasoning behind the work.

I found myself nodding in agreement when I read the caption and studied the lego pieces. It really brings a lot of deeper meaning as to why it was even built in the first place. I began to observe that Nathan is a very deep and knowledgeable man who is still in the midst of discovering the journey of life and giving small advice and encouragement about our walk in life.

I wish I could just show you all the pictures of what spoke to me, but if I did I would be ruining the excitement wouldn’t I? So here is a couple! But I really encourage you to head on down to the exhibition, until 14th April 2013!


I really love this, I mean this picture is featured even on the cover, but really, its like just opening yourself up!

An Artist's View
An Artist’s View

Where does the real world end and the artist’s world begin? Sometimes when I’m working, it can feel like the truth lies in the work itself and my surroundings fade away to grey.


Excuse me. I’ve just got to step outside of myself for a few minutes. But don’t worry, I’ll be back.


Haven’t we all been here, hanging on by a finger? I know I have. And though it might at first seem impossible, we usually manage to pull ourselves back up.


There were a few more, like a man with pieces flying out from his body. It was trying to say that no matter what life will have winds that try to nibble us apart, tearing us from what we used to be. Another was, a man that had hands pulling him back. No matter how badly we want to move forward, people say to us ‘no’ or they hold us back, so we have to break free from that. It is a process.

It was enlightening, and with simple bricks, how this man actually inculcated deep thoughts into the viewer’s minds. It was a very meaningful exhibition even though it was built on children’s bricks. They were life’s metaphors, through lego bricks creating a breakthrough to the mind in simple words and bricks.

Underneath the Welcoming Hand

More details: http://brickartist.com/

029 Chinatown on the eve of the eve of Chinese New Year

Chinatown MRT
The crowd at Chinatown :/


Mandy feed you?
Dim sum for you?
Dragon year!
Colourful flowers

Back Alley of Ann Siang
Breastie Babes since 2007 <3

So I spent a day with Mandy at Chinatown, just looking around and was at OM, kept spending… We had great Dimsum, I want some more. I miss taking pictures, I really wish the camera was lighter and less of a burden really. :/ Might consider changing.