134 broken whole


my inner being is dissected when i disagree with Him.
my imperfections show and i know that i am wrong.
i gravitate towards the dark rebellion that is brewing
in my spirit and heart. it is difficult to arrest it to say
sorry i am wrong, i will do my best to refrain from
the bad thoughts, the wrong words, the grim aura i
bring to myself. because i have come to learn and
realise that i call it upon myself with the excruciating
yet cruel controllable mind of mine. i am that broken.
broken into many pieces, fragmented and the pieces
unravel the untold lies, the bare shame that consumes
my inner being. through and through i am tangled in
weeds and vines, vines and weeds, hidden beneath is
the raw flesh of my vulnerabilities that are fighting to
be freed. i have come to learn and realise that i can
call upon myself the goodness and joy that can cleanse
these impurities from my inner system. i can be whole

only if i choose to.


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