127 literature = poverty of human condition

created by qixuan

post-panel reflections – beyond the slp (10 july 2016)

there were discussions of loss and pain through the various mediums of literary art. creative non-fiction, poetry and fiction.

literature is understanding the depth of what happened. to understand the circumstances and growing from them.

there are experiences where we do not immediately comprehend, and so we need to learn how to accept and be comfortable with uncertainty and the unfamiliar.

we may not be able to grasp fully the extent of an emotion, but we should be aware of our perceptions and be open towards such experiences.

the emotional intensity ~ core memory are some what related. the intensity continues to exist in our subconscious. some may not embrace and choose to avoid it – which becomes a suppressed emotion and memory.

and we try to recreate the experiences of pain and loss in our minds because it has impacted us a great deal.

pain and loss is a shared human experience. that is beautiful.

being human is about being broken. and in this brokenness there is beauty. we need beauty to sustain us. in that, there is redemption and hope amidst the dark – even if we don’t see it in this lifetime.

[compilation of the words of leonora liow, danielle lim and eric valles]


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