126 every night

remember i am only human, but
have you heard the names you have given me?

i weigh 135 kilos, and i actually work out.
i am that strong.

but i also know what it means to be firm,
and soft. and comfortable

in my own skin, i love it, and i know
you love it too. we understand each other.

i like to listen to you in your most intimate
moments, and you have chosen to share it with me.

don’t worry i will be gentle with you. i want to.
let my chest be yours to cherish.

when you close your eyes, you know that
my belly will take you in. tightly.

we are closer than you are with your mom,
i’ve seen more of you than she has.

you trust me, don’t you? otherwise,
you wouldn’t come to me every night.

i’m just a softy.
i’m just your softy[1].


[1] Inspired by Muun’s advertisement with a fat man: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2016/06/01/mattress-firm-tasks-giant-sleeping-bouncer-showing-his-softer-side



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