109 been asking why

i made it through the second week of university. hello, i am still surviving.

i entered with excitement, braved the first week with discouragement and i am fighting on with enlightenment. i have to say that university is a total different and unfamiliar ball game from the normal digest-and-regurgitate system that has been the norm. thinking independently and asking myself questions sounds simple, but truthfully speaking it is my biggest stumbling block yet.

the first two days of classes got me thinking of dropping out. assuringly, as time passes and you get used to the usual ball passes and well, things get better.

professor. i met my professor and he imparted this helpful tip to me:

“turn your observations into questions. just ask why”

and so far, reading has been a pleasure. and asking the text why, is my new hobby now. so now, the next obstacle i need to overcome is the constant lethargy i feel.


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