108 you’re so important, here’s a statue of you

trafalgar square, london
trafalgar square, london

i remember telling the three of them that i wanted to get to the trafalgar square because of the lions. i wanted to sit on them. we took the bus that drove past the square a couple of times and i would look over longingly at the lions until they were out of sight. i sound like a forlorn child who needs to grow up, but that was the true state of my heart that has a weakness for large statues.

statues look intimidating with some dark and eerie shadow. yet, they stand upright, confident and commands respect without much seeking after it. i enjoy looking at them, somehow you seem to know them because you see their (almost) actual being. sometimes, the weird part of me wishes i could ask them what their story is. but i won’t deny that there have been times that i feel that they are alive, and the hairs on my back stand, i walk away.

these public figures receive so much respect and mean so much to people that they are actually remembered not just by a photo but a statue. what a big deal! it really is an honour to receive a statue made in remembrance of you when you’re gone.

(i know that these lions are totally unrelated to public figure statues, but it led me to thinking about statues)

dominion, london
edinburgh castle, edinburgh

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