107 strong /strɒŋ/

tiny person, her strength is of a bull.

strong. funny what this adjective means physically and character-wise.

one may have the power to lift or carry heavy weights. he may have a large build, packed with muscles – strong enough to lift something the weight of  himself.

but no, this strength i admire is not from a male figure. she has no such intimidating muscles on her, she doesn’t have the time or desire to work out. her time was precious with her loved one. she fed, she nursed – she returned the favour just as how she was brought into this world.

i am not really sure where she draws her strength from, but it must be love that is incomprehensible. there are no complaints, only filial piety that overwrites that supposed “right”.

this big heart has no holes, she just keeps giving.

strong amal

(if you ever read this; you have taught me and shown me something i never had. what this strength is like, i may not experience soon, but i will learn from you. you remind me of how being strong is not about the physicality or the mask you wear but the joy you bring to the people around you even when it is all dark and seemingly dim of hope. God bless you)


One thought on “107 strong /strɒŋ/

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