105 vandalism of the name

i have decided to start a photo diary because sometimes i just can’t put my thoughts to words. so, i never really went into detail about my recent travel to the united kingdom. here i will begin. i promise i will go in sequence of my trip it’s just that for now i am going to start with our name:


this was taken on the second last day of our stay. we were at the Abbey Road Studios (where the Beatles did their recordings), anyone was free to vandalise on the walls. and i drew this doodle of the four of us.

four people, two boys and two girls. classmates and travel companions. we called ourselves #wearegradtrip. we are all different. and we definitely learned to embrace each other’s differences.


this drawing of john lennon looks like Jesus in glasses, what an art piece.

so i guess we are… permitted access to the car park then. i still remember how i wasn’t really that excited about the whole Abbey Road thing because i didn’t listen to the Beatles and well just looking at the number of people outside the studios made me realise like – wow this is a big deal.


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