101 an ending with great f(r)i(e)nds


I am finally closing a chapter in my life.

these were the most productive three years that i ever lived in my twenty years of being. i am equipped with skills that can land me in a proper job and i can actually be earning enough as my own rice bowl.

this was the place where i made the wrong decisions but learned how to pick myself up from the hard falls.

these were the days that i struggled with confidence and security.

three years where i wandered about trying to find out who i was, yet there were bits and pieces of me found at the least expected crevices of the dark alleys.

there were days where i bawled my eyes out only to find myself lost and with the urge to fast forward time to graduate because i wanted to run away from responsibilities and conflicts. now, we have finally reached that day.

but the greatest element that spiced up my polytechnic life were the people. these people built me up, they shaped me to be who I am, they even screwed me over – but I am not messed up. i am the product of the refinement of these three years and God has showered me with great favour and love.

this milestone has got me appreciating the people who were my pillars of support, my parents and great friends that were sifted out from the hundreds of faces i saw everyday.

so no, these people aren’t just the world to me because people come and go, i would rather see them as my gifts from God that I can journey with for the rest of my life.


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