100 times of love have not changed


now 78 years old, she prepared a feast for me.

she served porridge, like she used to 15 years ago: my favourite egg and dark soy sauce; braised chicken; fried fish and gang-gong and it got me asking for seconds.

she knows the details of her children’s love stories and how they met their other half. how foolish some of them were to give up the world for a pea; while some found their true one.

she said to me in mandarin: “as long as he does not take drugs and gamble.” she would approve of him. i figure she is simple to please.

she is a hard worker, for her family, and her future.

she worked at her noodle stall every day for 40 years. a bowl of noodles used to cost 50 cents, a bowl of noodles costs three dollars now. oh times have changed indeed.

she brought the five-year-old me to the doctor lai’s when my hands and feet swelled and it hurt to walk. and she still offers to bring the 20-year-old me to doctor lai for a petty cold. times of love have not changed.

then 58 years old, was when she first held me.

a few weeks back, i visited my grandmother. she prepared a hearty lunch for the both of us. she told me in great detail about my uncle and aunties’ love stories including my parent’s, it was as if it happened not too long ago.

i decided to take the bold move and invited her to come to church, she did not say no, but she tried to delay the answer of saying yes.

i asked her: “but what if we pass on, where will you go?” and she said: “我会下去, 你会上去.”  (i will go down and you will go up) and it broke my heart to hear her say those few words. i fought back the tears and said: “可是我要看到你.” (but i want to see you again) and she smiled.

she didn’t say ‘no’ to Jesus, so i pray and i wait for Him to open the doors to her heart.


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