099 love and wanderlust

i picked this book up from a bookstore in York last month.

the first thing that caught my eye was the cover (i know, never judge a book by its cover but this was an exception).

it has been months since i completed a book. the most recent book i read was by john green which didn’t leave a fantastic impression on me. but this one was just beautifully written!

a room with a view takes you back into the early 1900s where you use Baedeker as a guidebook. and almost everyone in the guest house (pension house) knows one another.

lucy honeychurch and charlotte bartlett (lucy’s cousin) were on a holiday in florence and rome where they meet interesting characters like mr. beebe, the emersons and miss lavish. i love the way forster describes his characters, he doesn’t put it plainly to you but reveals their personality through their habits and actions. strangely enough, it is up to you to decide whether you like the character or not.

lucy’s independence takes her pretty far out on wild adventures and getting herself into tangled situations where you never expected. and shy character, george emerson would appear out of nowhere on these such occasions.

when she returns to windy corner, her life returns back to normal where she is reunited with her mother and brother, freddy. they speak of her engagement with cecil vyse whom she met in rome, and just because it is high time for lucy to get married.

as guests move into cissie villa, lucy faces her nightmare (or not) as Fate decides that she reunites with the man she really loves.

i really loved how e.m. forster wrote the book. chapter by chapter, he took me through the different events that tickled me, saddened me and warmed my heart. it was so poetically written that it spoke so much truth and logic about how one would feel if he or she were to be in love.

at the same time, i appreciate the way forster manages to tie love and wanderlust together perfectly. this perfect combination left me warm and fuzzy – i should have purchased more e.m. forster from the bookstore!

‘but if we act the truth, the people who really love us are sure to come back to us in the long run.’


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