098 away from ground for six hours


the stop was at Colombo. passengers started shuffling in – looking at their plane ticket and seat numbers – impatiently trying to settle down.

clothed in a red large blazer, she made her way through the seats. there, she finally found her seat at the window.

being one of the first lucky ones to find their seats, she took out her book and started reading. page after page she flipped and slowly the flipping stopped, her eyelids grew heavy and mind went into a state of lethargy.

the engine groan crescendoed and the plane jolted as the body was being lifted off the ground. she opened her eyes and found her body being suppressed by gravity as the takeoff occurred.

she neatened her white hair bun just as the lights dimmed. now, how was she going to read without any lights?

pressing every button on the remote she was confused at why the personal reading light was not appearing. the kind passenger leaned over to press the lightbulb button for her and ta-da! her light came on. moments later, the flight attendant came over to offer her assistance but she paid no attention and shrugged it off. when the attended walked away, she realised that she may have pressed the wrong button calling for her assistance. oops.

the aroma of the meals from the cart woke her up again. “hi mam, what would you like for your dinner?” the attendant asked.

“chee-ken.” she said. but the attendant could not comprehend.

“cheek-een.” she enunciated. still a blank response.

“chik-en.” she tried again. the stewardess served her a tray.

after finishing her main course, she nibbled on her appetiser and dessert. deciding that she should stop, she wrapped her untouched bread in two layers napkin and kept them with her biscuits in her purse. you never know when one will get hungry and it is a good habit not to waste edible food.

“ladies and gentlemen. this is your captain speaking from the flight deck. it is now 5 am local time. we are starting to decent for Dubai International Airport. the current weather is clear and the temperature is 28 degrees celcius. once again, thank you for choosing to fly with us. have a nice day,” announced the captain.

5 am? she thought to herself, and peered out of the window and it was pitch black. where is the sun if it is 5 am?

the wheels hit the ground, finally, the ground. when the plane taxied to the airport, she stood up and got her bags.

now it is time to visit Dubai, until her next flight to Moscow which was in twelve hours.


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