097 peaches honeyblossom geldof (13 march 1989 – 7 april 2014)

peaches geldof, may you be in a happier place.

this woman was a gem. where do i even begin?

when i was fifteen, i would flip through nylon magazine and admire her column. it became pretty clear to me that this was the lady i was going to model after career-wise. i loved her writings, her ideas and her personality. her taste has always been unique and i liked that. i loved her tongue and cheek style of writing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.16.52 PM
she actually tweeted to me on two separate occasions. the first time was how she told me that her column will be featured in the next issue of nylon. and this was her second tweet to me.

today, my mother woke me up at 6 am this morning and broke the news to me. my mother is the only person who knows how much i look up to her. it hit me stone hard and i was just devastated. (i really sound like a sick creep of a fan but she really motivated me in many ways)

her career was just a part of the inspiration she is to me.

i never liked the idea of having children or being a housewife. but when she had her first son, astala, it revealed a different side of her. and soon, phaedra came along. i watched her pour love into her two boys and it actually showed me that parenting isn’t such a scary thing. and she looked really happy and blessed.

peaches taught me something very important. when you love someone, especially if they are your own flesh and blood, you just want to shower them with all the love you’ve got and you want the world to know how blessed you are. and i am not scared about having kids anymore. i see them as a bundle of joy. she had a perfect family, two beautiful sons, lovely husband and two huge dogs.

unfortunately, narny and gweb will have to rely strongly on tom’s love now. i really pray and hope that the geldofs and cohens carry on stronger than ever. i look forward to seeing the two boys grow up into gentlemen. thank you so much for being a role model in my life.

this is my tribute to peaches honeyblossom geldof.


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