094 how much do i love dad?

“I just wanted to leave you boys something,” Woody says to David. there is no money, but he thinks there is, but all he wanted to do was to leave something for his sons. because he knew he wasn’t the perfect dad.

after watching nebraska, it made my heart tremble at the thought of how real ageism is. at the same time, the mistakes a father may have committed can be unforgivable or undeserving of his child’s respect.

the movie had a subtle focus about a son connecting to his father which displayed filial piety at its best.

davie learned a lot about his father’s life during the trip to nebraska to “redeem” a million dollars with a sweepstakes letter. (but we never buy what the sweepstakes letter tell us, but poor ol’ woody thinks his prize is waiting for him.)

the stubbornness of the old man was intolerable for his wife and older son, katie and ross, but not for davie.

when the two make their way from montana, they make a stopover at hawthorne, woody’s hometown. during their stay, davie learns about the deeds his father had done in the past and some stories left him speechless. however, the disheartening discoveries did not stop him from loving his father and caring for him.

even if it meant that he had to drive his father 600 miles out for a rejection of a million dollars, davie did it anyway.

observing the relationship that encompassed patience, understanding and unconditional love taught me to cherish the relationship i have with my father. i don’t want to wait until his life was at the brink of old age and then start learning about his life.


guilt-stricken, i thought about the dinner my father wanted me to bring him to. even though it was just a simple dinner at a restaurant, i shudder at the number of times i told him “soon”. because we both knew that “soon” meant that it would never happen.

on the same week i watched the movie, i asked dad out for dinner and brought him to that very restaurant he wanted to eat at.

i may not have to travel miles away to appease him, but it is the step to show him that i appreciate and love my dad.

and i will continue going miles for him if it makes him smile.

i encourage everyone to watch the movie, even though there are no “hollywood stars” in this movie, the story line is powerful. catch it if you can. (also here is my movie review.)


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