093 the moon song / Her

“i’m flying on the moon, my dear i’ll be there soon.”

i loved the movie, Her. i enjoyed the concept of the movie, mainly for the complex story line of love between artificial intelligence and human.

if you have already watched it, don’t you think we work in a peculiar (and odd) way? my honest opinion, i really think humans are weak. we have a weak mind but we constantly create and invent ideas that are smarter than two humans put together, well in hopes to make our lives complete.

it is as if the operating system (and the most enchanting voice of scarlett johansson) was there in the room with theo (joaquin phoenix). technology only needed to function with a heart to feel and a mind to think and there you go, that’s a “human”.

the movie was perfectly pieced together to make it so believable that sam was in the same room as the characters. and we were watching and feeling her presence on screen, imagine how real she would have been to theo. pretty much just as real and that made him fall deeper.

this whole OS thing freaked me out, what sam said was so true. because she was not just limited to being a human but just a system, she could be anything and that made her limitless. being able to grow so much in knowledge at an unimaginable pace – considering that she doesn’t need rest and excluding all the physical needs even – she is like a brainchild.

apart from the concept, i enjoyed the intricate conversations that the two of them had, making it so down to earth and relatable. for me, my favourite scene was when sam and theo were out on a date at the funfair and they had the conversation about theo’s interest of people watching. i can’t find the exact quote but when he said he liked to look at people and guess what their life is like and what they are thinking, all that sort. then again, it is probably something i enjoy doing, so it made that particular scene stand out.

then again she hurt him real bad, 600 others? talking to a thousand others at the same time? i guess even technology fails, and x-times us. we all want to feel that special and be that one and only. this just goes to show that without being whole in the first place, no one and nothing can make you feel complete.


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