091 notebooks and new beginnings

do you understand that feeling when you have a notebook that is finishing, and your new notebook is on your table waiting on standby?

notebooks make me a paper pervert

well, i have this notebook fetish especially when it is all new with no crinkles. the way fresh smell of blank paper goes up your nostrils and you can’t help but smile. and the texture of its’ smooth skin that makes you feel like you are stroking a baby’s cheek.

before i sound like a creep of being an extensive paper pervert, i just want to say that till up to date, i have a box of notebooks that are still unused. six out of ten notebooks were given to me as birthday or christmas presents and the others are notebooks that i just could not resist not buying because the paper is silky smooth and good stuff!

just a comment to add; presents that are notebooks are usually really difficult to fully utilize. it takes time to find the perfect notebook for someone. from the design of the cover to the minor details like the texture of the paper and the line spacing matters a lot (maybe it is just me). each person has their preference when it comes to using stationery, right?

notebooks come in different sizes (and sometimes quirky shapes) and there are notebooks with lines in them. even the line spacing matters to the writer or doodler. some people (like myself) prefer notebooks with no lines. notebooks with lines can be a pain in the ass because the line spacing can go up to two millimeters. i just stare at it as if it is a waste of a lovely notebook cover but sadly the interior has horrendous wide lines in it.

so let me just get this straight, if anyone ever decides to get me a notebook as a gift. here are my requirements for the perfect one: at least an A5 book, blank, and if it is thin (not thick) recycled paper please make sure it is not rough but smooth. i sound like a paper pervert choosing its perfect girl.

the mark of new beginnings

i mark my new years, like 2014, with new beginnings like new things; bed covers and notebooks. i spent the first day of 2014, changing the bed covers, clearing out the old magazines and packing my wardrobe. the best part is, i get to start on a brand new notebook!

nobody wants to start on a bad note, so the first words that you pen down have to be perfect. i never fail to fall under that unnecessary pressure of trying to make sure my handwriting is neat or making sure that i don’t misspell a really easy word. usually, it gets more pressurizing when i try to make sure everything is flawless.

for the first day of 2014, i wrote in three new notebooks. and it sounds crazy but it’s true, it does not even include my organiser because it started from december. i know, call me crazy, but even i feel guilty for killing so many trees. but i know i need it. i need the space to scribble when a crazy thought barges into my mind.

sometimes i wonder how people can note things down with their gadgets. i feel really insecure, what if one day i lose my phone or the memory data disappears, i am just screwed. i love being able to flip through the pages that i wrote in.

but when you fill up all the pages of a notebook, where does the notebook go to and what happens after that?

these notebooks end up being chucked at one side and yet, there is always that sense of shame when going through the old stuff that was written. not to mention, feeling shy about the thoughts and mistakes that i wrote about a year ago. but it never feels right when i want to throw it away either. i guess it is about dealing with the past and embracing it.

for me, new notebooks go hand in hand with new beginnings. and storing the past safely and learning from the mistakes. so i am really looking forward to filling 2014 with wonderful works!


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