089 fever to tell

early in the morning, it crept in as a sore in the throat,

the moment that happened it is a sign – that is it, Fever should be around here some where.

the body went on with its daily routine of getting out of bed and off to work,

meanwhile the mouth gulps down glasses of water and sucks on lozenges hoping to lock all doors on Fever.

it was a sunny day out yet an unexpected visitor came,

it was the cold, this tap of the nose kept leaking no matter what.

indeed it was a sunny day, but the sun was relentlessly burning the skin and the vital body part – the head.

suddenly it hit the body bullseye, speeding up on the attack and Fever barged in.

marking its territory at each body part, the eyes, the limbs, the kidneys;

they are all his now.

it was never much of a pain that this Fever caused. most doctors prescribe it to be a virus, this virus does not hurt. it was more of a discomfort. the aches in the joints, the eye balls would roll out of the eye sockets any moment if the eye lids would not close. there is no point in lying straight up if the kidneys are trying to swim around.


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