084 car wrecked

wonder what it is like to get into a car wreck.

the bus is speeding, right past the ‘t’ junction, in my mind it’s like what if that grey car at the red light decided to come straight towards us at 90 kilometres an hour. this is another thought: the bus is making a big turn to the left and it swerves me to the right, then i think, this double decked bus is huge and heavy, what if it topples to the right side leading up to a powerful crash to the ground. *timber* i wouldn’t mind that gravity pulling me down.

i picture everything happening in slow motion. as if i am in a room with an old wonky projector next to me with the wound up tape and i just roll the tapes watching each frame occur. the point of action. then the climate of motion, i see my face oblivious to the collision. second impact to the ground and that is where the pain strikes.

it doesn’t make sense why i feel this way, it is just mere curiosity i guess. i have never broken a bone before, neither have i sprained an ankle, i do not know what is real pain is like. so i really have no idea why i just ‘dream’ of this crash.

no i am not going through an emotional time in my life, i am just wondering. or i am just bored when i am on the bus.


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