083 that photographer

what i discovered today was something really refreshing.
for the past few years that i have been writing about people, i pretty much knew my calling. i am going to be the vessel and that channel for people, be it ordinary or extraordinary, talented or special; i will get to know about their lives and their thoughts. i will put my encounter with them or their lives into words. and the readers will meet this stranger through the articles as if they are talking to them. the medium that i use is the persons’ stage or pedestal where their voice will be projected for others to listen to.

time after time, my purpose was clouded by distractions and i started venturing into different forms of writing that tends to get personal. and most of the time i find myself struggling to organise my thoughts and trying to put them into words. i have a long way to go and much to improve on. but today, i managed to see the mist clear and i found the joy and reminder as to why i love writing.

the photographer (05/10/13)

i met a photographer today. saturday morning, i am tired and rather lazy so i thought to myself: ‘i could have emailed the questions. i just need a break from my ordinary day job.’ but i went through with it anyway. seated outside the lovely dapaolo cafe, we had our interview. he is ten years older than i am, probably the oldest interviewee i have met yet.  i learned a lot about and from this person. at first i felt intimidated. being a young writer, i felt really nervous: am i supposed to say this or have i said the wrong thing et cetera. as the interview progressed through its first 20 minutes or so, i started to see the light of his mind and thoughts.

he thought carefully about my questions before answering them, which he mentioned were pretty tough to answer. but personally i feel that it is also because his photos are very abstract which makes it more of a deep form of expression than a simple form of explanation. his works are amazing. when i asked him how it was created, it is all out of really basic everyday elements. i won’t leak out anything about his work because that is saved for obscured itself.

i really enjoyed the talk simply because i felt that it was not just an ordinary interview where i needed to get my information and details so just cut the chase and get to the things i need and bye; it was something like having a conversation with an adult who loves his art and passion. this spoke to me: everyone is different and even though they can be working on the same type of art, each person is special and different because they have their own set of beliefs and perception which enables no two art pieces to be the same. (not a direct quote)

walking away from the cafe made me go ‘wow’, i was not shortchanged for the early interview. i actually picked up a lot of things that i needed to know and listen to. it actually re-sparked that reason as to why i originally wanted to write. i did not just want to write about someone just to direct the spotlight to them, but i wanted to learn about peoples’ lives because it causes me to stop and think about my own. that’s the power of feature interviews, people are so different and unique which is the element that creates this planet of humanity to be incredibly beautiful.

(to the interviewee that i met today, if you are reading this, i hope you are not offended by anything or my drawing, this is how i truly feel. i am grateful for the wonderful interview, thank you for sharing) i wish i could share more, but really, i will pour that energy into the actual article itself.


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