081 never feel sorry for the aching heart

she fancied somebody (probably too much) (but it isn’t that horrible right)
it kept growing, the lonely heart spun the story into a fantasy.

it started as excitement,
the heart raced, blushed, skipped a few beats;
it ended when over-thinking started,
the heart fell, tripped, wishing to stay contracted.

she knew she had lost it.
her mind wandered into the paradise of what-ifs,
while her heart (knew where this would lead to) trudged along.
the soul tried to reconcile the both.

they became the partners of ache;
one went through mental suffering,
while the other went through physical suffering.
one hurt more than the other.

but no, don’t feel sorry for the aching heart.
never do.
the heart had always been the wiser of the two,
it knew where things would lead up to, remember?

the mind, being the weaker organ took the backseat,
while the heart took the steering wheel.
it decided to cut off all strings attached to the fantasy.

painful, yet after 50 hours of release,
healing begins because after all, both of them did not fall.
it was just an ache.

so never feel sorry for an aching heart,
it is not the end of the world.


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