078 the tool and the craft

” it couldn’t be processed, it was jammed,
what came out of it was unnatural and forced.
what could be done? it was foreign and he thought he had lost it,
the touch for churning something once so fluent as mother tongue is now; stuck?
once boasted of is now whispered discreetly with insecurities laid quite blatantly on the platter of shame. ”

The master of the craft has to have his best tool right before him. It is just like using a blunt tool and trying to create his craft with the best effort, recognising that it is not going to be the best craft he is going to produce yet he struggles to continue. He makes do with what he has just to meet the requirement. To produce the work. Instead, he produced junk.

He realised that he could not produce his work of best quality and finally, he wanted to give up. His inner self said to him, ‘what happened to the regular?’ Who knew, the saying that says: ‘you have to step out of your comfort zone to discover more’ would not apply to him here. His comfort was his saviour. The master goes back for his regular tool where he embraced as if it were a lost child.

“the flow came naturally and the tool fulfilled the needs of the work,
may the tool and the craft be one,
they are the perfect pair.”


As I sat before my own desktop at work, I really felt like nothing came to me. And each day, for seven days, I didn’t have the push or the inspiration to write any of my required articles well enough or up to the standard I expected myself to. I noticed that my fellow colleague brought her MacBook every day, then I recalled her saying: ‘I can’t type about anything on the iMac, I prefer my MacBook.’ Seems like she’s not the only one that flows that way.


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