075 times of the uncertain

i wonder…..

what happened to the ‘leaving it up to God’ to run the future. do you think that as age takes us a little further in our journey of life actually changes our beliefs on uncertainty; and it tightens our grip when it comes to taking control of our lives.

i believe in God and how He is able to deliver me of every low point of my life, and send me soaring higher. He has shown me His great grace, and i know that His plans are perfect for me.

sometimes there are times where i know of people who are constantly worrying about what the future may hold, which in return affects me as well, like ‘am i not caring enough about my future?’. time after time, even i find myself anxiously thinking ‘alright, so i have to start doing this to get that’, but it’s funny how i find myself not getting anywhere further from point A of my worries. (i hope someone could relate to this? haha)

hopefully with whatever i have to say here now and today, i could some how encourage you, especially if you are a believer of the almighty God who is in control and the one who knows us crystal like the author, who would know his book clear and thoroughly.

here is what i am going through and hoping for; i know that even if there are bad days to come of times where i am uncertain of where my passion would take me to, i know that He has something laid out for me. so far, He has indeed changed some of my plans of what i initially wanted to start out pursuing.

with the disappointment and discouragement that i felt in my heart, i asked Him ‘why this? i don’t think i am interested. no thanks’ i kept shutting Him out and the idea. but when i took it in the right spirit, i prayed and just surrendered it all to Him. i laid it at His feet because i know that He cared for me. what more, i did not know where else to look for answers but only to the one who obviously knows it all right? today, i am still unaware of whether i will achieve what He has placed in me, but i trust Him. my passion has developed maturely with a soulful purpose and i am really excited for what He has in store. i am just really glad that now, i don’t just have the passion but i have found the divine purpose to my passion.

that is just one part of my life (that i am sharing) i have laid before God and He just changed the angle by about 90˚, some of us are control freaks but i think trust is so important that we should be willing to let that alteration happen for the better. uncertainty really haunts us and tricks us to becoming a control freak, but let that be a test of true faith.

indeed it is like walking a path where there are no lights, but if you were to stare harder you get to see what is in your way. now that, is you being conscious of everything and not letting go to make way for Him. close both eyes, relax and enjoy the peaceful walk of the unknown.

yup, we may peek a little it’s normal but you know once you let go and trust, you’re letting God lead. it’s a great journey because when you open your eyes and take a look at the landscape of your destination, you know He has brought you out of the darkness safely and it was worth it.

Deuteronomy 31:8 ‘8 The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”


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