071 RE: Trees Destroyed during the Hailstorm

Trippin’ Trees

Did you see it destroy the many trees? Because something happened and even the magnificent were stripped down to nothing. It was the strong uncontrollable winds.

My pastor talked about being deeply rooted on in January this year of how a tree can stand tall and how majestic it is as it is proud and lofty. It is a shelter for many, holding soil together and a model of greatness. We must strive for that, be deeply rooted in God and stand tall.

Stand tall

One thing though, even trees have their setbacks. With the hailstorm as a good example  this midyear, it is a reminder. What if God decides to send a storm? He favours the trees of course because He built them. But what if this storm is strong enough to waver us, debranch us and leave us with nothing? This storm has stripped us from all hope and it leaves us in a wreck.

This is test number one. The trees that were huge and probably old, have fallen; their roots were removed from the ground. I realized that even if you may be mature, when a big blow comes along and catches you when you are off guard, you might fall. You will fall.

Seems like even if you were a shelter to some or many, the wind will just bring you down. He wants me to start from ground zero and work my way up. He has shown me that even though I am being uprooted it does not mean that I backslide, or walkaway and not try again. It is a test of faith to see if I can pick myself up again.

Test number two. Many trees were debranched, their loss is almost unrecoverable. They are naked, standing there vulnerable waiting for help. They have been stripped clean from their hope. How will I hang on the remaining hope that I have if I have been rejected or if I were to sacrifice most of the things I used to be able to control?

Being spiritually strong I learned that they don’t always have to be physically strong. The scrawny trees were left untouched and protected. For some majestic trees, they stood tall despite the strong winds. When you are deeply rooted in Christ and His Word, not even the strongest winds will stumble you. You will stand amidst everything and with that you are the strength for the weak to hold on to and the trusted one to stay close to.

As I managed to speak to my pastor about it, he brought up another point. This hailstorm, it is natural, it is nature and God is in control (of everything). If He decides to send this storm to us, destroyed us and He is in control. How will we react to it? Will we turn to God and say, ‘hey you’re being unfair, I trusted you and you do this to me.’ Are you going to walk away from Him because you entrusted your life to Him and He did not provide for you? Or are you going to continue the walk with Him in faith?

Well just a thought of analogy. I like things like that.

All the pictures of these trees are from me, done by my fab Diana F+

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