067 Familiar

Familiarity. The intimate feeling and assurance you get when you are at a location.

It has been an hours’ bus ride and all Joan has seen was apartments after apartments and even the rushing traffic of buses and cars jammed up. She closed her eyes for 10 minutes to rest her tired eyes from seeing the repeated pattern of buildings and vehicles.

Just before a traffic light, the bus stops at the red. The exhausted and vexed office lady opened her eyes and with a relief feeling in her chest, she recognized the road junction.

That feeling she felt was more than relief, it was thankfulness for having a home to return to, safe and soundly. The familiar street that she has walked along for five years, she never knew she could feel grateful just seeing it.

I mean finally after the long bumpy ride on the crowded bus, she had something to feel relief about. And in a few more bus stops she would be home.


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