059 Concert Overwhelm

Nothing beats good music that is performed live. This week I attended two live concerts, one was a gig by The Rubens at Homeclub and another was Two Door Cinema Club at the Esplanade Concert Hall. It has been indeed the most memorable time for me in January 2013 so far. Every fan’s dream is to meet their favourite band live and dance to their great performance.

The Rubens is a band consisting of 3 brothers and a best friend from Sydney, they formed in 2011 coming up with great jams that has heavy influence from The Black Keys, Jimi Hendrix and Rolling Stones. But because they didn’t really have a huge fan base in Singapore, there were not many turn ups. But nevertheless, the jam was still awesome. Their beats didn’t fail to make the audience shake or bop to their heavy beats. In fact in my opinion they sounded even better for their live performance. It was a night I wouldn’t forget, a small gig, and great music.

The Rubens!
I got to meet the band!

Two Door Cinema Club made their first presence in Singapore last year at the Esplanade Concert Hall too. This year they returned with a new album, Beacon. My friend and I got foyer stalls seats, which is on the first level as well and we were propped up on a level higher so we still didn’t miss any fun. It was perfect. Watching the band just get into the move, the audience was even more into their grooves. It was absolutely crazy! Alex just tells us how with the hype of the crowd just makes them so happy performing in Singapore. When he shouted, “Let’s play some more music!” It just drove the crowd wild. It was just awesome. My personal favourites during their performance was Wake Up and Pyramids, and songs mainly from their old album Tourist History!

Sun // Two Door Cinema Club

I have two more great concerts/festivals in fact to look forward to. Laneway Festival and Big Night Out! A great January indeed!


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