057 Two Kings of a Kind

Kings of Convenience

Two of a kind you may say, here is the Kings of Convenience. Nothing much about them is convenient though, because with two voices, and the two guitars,  Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, the two kings produce melodious tunes. Its the sort of music that when you’re sitting under the tree, or on a bench on a crowded street, in a car passing by town, you sit and you plug yourself into the tunes and flush all the noise, bustling streets out of your mind and indulge in pure true music that rejuvenates your soul.

Its a bunch of peaceful tunes that are hard to put down. You can start your day with them, or even end the day with a cup of tea enjoying their company. Truly they are probably the Kings of Convenience because they make you feel convenient and comfortable. Hence they are kings of doing so.

My favourite album is ‘Quiet Is The New Loud’. I am truly looking forward to Laneway Festival 2013 in Singapore. I’m going to prepare my tea and sandwiches listening to this rockin’ indie duo.


2 thoughts on “057 Two Kings of a Kind

  1. I’m excited to catch them at Laneway too! Hehe I’m currently listening to them :) I also recently (like only yesterday) considered changing my wordpress title to ‘Quiet is The New Loud’. This must be a sign..

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