056 2012 in DMC

It has a been a hmm… long year being in Year 1 and in Year 2. I’m grateful for all my friends and for making new ones along the way in and out of DMC. The year has been a good time really. All the modules with group projects really taught me to work with people and to utilize the resources.

I discovered a lot about myself. Especially about working in a group. I realized that my working style of leading a group may not be efficient when it comes to many projects on hand. I would get everyone to work through it together instead of distributing the load. I found out that it was not a good strategy when it comes to juggling more than one project. So thus I think I have learnt more about how I should do group projects better which is to distribute the work especially when it is Advertising or Comms module projects.

This year was also amazing because I got to meet really nice lecturers that cared for the student’s welfare and work. My Gen Ed teacher was one of my fave in Year 1, she was a really nice lecturer that taught with much passion. She is Ms. Lena Ng. I learnt a lot from Mr. Kan Lume. It is really nice to see a lecturer teach with that much passion and every lesson you can see that the experiences have moulded him into a really great teacher today. Last but not least, I would also like to thank Ms. Esther for being a kind guidance even though my group was not from her class, but she was always available and approachable anytime for consultation. She was always patience and kind.

In DMC, and being the SPACE, I really had plenty of opportunities to shine and excel in the things I love or enjoy doing. I got to go for interviews with celebrities, and I got to do advertising and PR which are areas I have always been curious about and it has really been awesome.

I look forward to FYP (a little) and internship next year. I really hope it will be a good 2013 even though it is really unexpected and there will be Law examination…. er dread?

Hope 2013 was good for you in DMC too.





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