055 Privacy

So I am sure by now many people and Instagram users have heard about Facebook’s buy over in September. And now they have a new policy on which they soon will have the right to give our information on the users and more outrageously their pictures will be up for sale.

Well if you haven’t heard of it here’s an update:
1) http://money.cnn.com/2012/12/18/technology/social/instagram-sell-photos/
2) http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology-science/instagram-to-modify-terms-of-service-after-1496754

So now it has been said that it is all just a misunderstanding and that they did not mean what they had said. So the question is, if the damage has been done will users still remain loyal to Instagram?

To me it would be a pity because I would not want to stop Instagram, it has always been a great app creating a nice photo community. And if this really takes place… I think they will really lose a lot of users.

But I also chanced upon another article if Instagram really goes through with their plan, here are 5 other photo apps that may come in handy! (http://asia.cnet.com/five-instagram-replacements-for-photo-sharing-addicts-62219864.htm):

1) Flickr
2) Molome
3) Cooliris
4) 23snaps
5) Path

So would you, still continue using Instagram after all this uproar?


3 thoughts on “055 Privacy

  1. Of course I will still use, too many pictures in my profile already. If I were to delete, everything will be gone!!

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