051 First Ever…

The DMC (Diploma in Media and Communication) students had our ‘Lepak’ Fridays, a Friday of the month. The newly added Malay term was just recently added into the Oxford Dictionaries, it means to: (especially of a young person) spend one’s time aimlessly loitering or loafing around. So for me, as part of the Agency Committee, the team and I went to get the food and snacks to get started. I mean what chilled Friday won’t you include snacks?! Plus with the granted privilege of eating in the Agency, it is so rare…

At about 5, the school was already quiet like a ghost town. Students have left for their Friday night plans, leaving the Business block close to almost all ours, but it didn’t matter because we had our cosy haven on the first level. We had a table laid our with snacks and finger food. Seaweed chicken, Samosa, Chicken nuggets and many local snacks from our childhood. The ideal.



The movie being screened was Forever Fever, a local production. It was really funny to see the old actors back in those days when they were young and good looking. Overall the movie was interesting.
Looking forward to the following Lepak Fridays with DMC :)

DMC 30th Nov
DMC 30th Nov

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