050 Press buttons, Alt and J on your keyboard

You get ∆ when you key in alt and a J simultaneously. You not only get ∆ but you get an amazing band Alt-J. The British indie rock group formed in 2007, almost like most bands the quartet met in University back then. You have Joe Newman (guitar/vocals), Gwil Sainsbury (guitarist/bassist), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards) and Thom Green (drums). The vocals are just what you need to listen to when you are aimless and you just have the feel to fill your mind up with tunes weaving in and out of your brain waves. This is the band you have to get to.

From the-fly.co.uk

What I enjoy most about when I drown myself with Alt-J songs is that every instrument plays such a crucial part. I sit down on the bus, soak myself into each song playing. Keyboards charm you awake, drums go steadily with a sick beat, guitars and bass just makes you want to twirl and twirl in empty spaces. Vocals, the most powerful, it isn’t as soothing as you’d expect, but it is more than enough for you to headbang to the subtle harmonious voice. (Alert: I took a few listen throughs to get used to Joe’s voice, but after that you get so pulled into it you’ll want to listen more, so please don’t stop the song if you think his voice is weird, its perfect)

If you are a fan of The XX or Cold War Kids, or any sort of band that has slow, tuneful and dreamy hits, I guarantee that Alt-J won’t waste your time at all. It is music for my rainy days, for my gloomy days, it makes my day grey yet full of energy.

Listen to Breezeblocks, Fitzpleasure, Something Good and Dissolve Me. My personal favourites and I’m sure your grey days will be energetic ones too.

From MTVHive

Triangles are my favourite shape ~
Take a listen to them:


2 thoughts on “050 Press buttons, Alt and J on your keyboard

  1. I have major love for Alt-J! It took a few listens for me to get used to Joe’s voice too. I recently started listening to them and their perfect for when I’m studying at night and other similarly gloomy situations. I had a mini hurray moment when they won this year’s Mercury Prize, thinking that them being nominated served as a good enough recognition of their talents. Better news came shortly after I learned that they would be coming for Laneway Singapore 2013. Lovely short write-up you got there Nicole! I relate to it quite well when listening to them :)

    1. Yes! I’m glad that you understand how I feel. I think this band needs to get more recognition too because I realized that I can’t find much about them online. Cheers to Laneway!
      & thank you for taking the time to read it :)

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