049 When Things Go Your Way

Indeed things are going my way in school, and in class. So far because for my group project, in semester 1 things didn’t really go our way for my group. We did not do our very best for group projects. However this time round, we actually got shortlisted for the presentation to the clients. It is a really good feeling and a big morale boost to the group. I guess everyone has their ups and downs.

When I started out in DMC, especially in Year 2, the feeling kicked in. About when the time to shine was, because everyone does well in the course, I felt inferior. When I was interested in advertising or PR, I did my best but still did not reap what I thought I sowed to get. The expectations for myself were high yet I didn’t meet them. Thinking I wasn’t good at anything, I realized this term how teamwork makes such a big difference. When my group had our head in the game, we had the same common goal, we achieved what we wanted. Even without having that high expectation of getting shortlisted.

Hence, I realized how teamwork plays a huge part during work. I never really noticed the importance or even regarded it well because every time a teacher/facilitator/whoever with authority explains work/game/project, they repeat how important teamwork is. You just think, “yes yes we got it, team work, we work as a team and together.” But we never really think about how important it is to also have the same common goal that you want to meet at the end of the day, and you do it with everyone’s effort.
It is thanks to doing projects in DMC that made me realize this!

A shout out to my group mates:
Pam, don’t be too hard on yourself, we all have our down moments and days, just have confidence in yourself and do what is right, because when the whole world is against you, you just have to know that when we understand it from your point, we will be with you :*
Weisze, I am so proud of you, and you know why ;)
Alvin, what’s new we just do well when we work together, 2 times so far!
Dewi, we’ve been in the same group forever, I’m glad we did this one right haha :3



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