048 TedxYouth Day Singapore 2012

TedxYouth Singapore

Ted, Ideas Worth Spreading. An event that brings a community of people to come together to share their stories and experiences. This year in Singapore, the theme is “Dream Big… Then do it!” As humans, it is no doubt that all of us use to have dreams when we were younger. We dreamt of what we wanted to be, where we wanted to go. But being so caught up with growing up, studying and education, focusing on doing what is necessary, we tend to forget about our dreams and what it means to achieve something personal. Today during the 10am to 5.30pm talks, I sat through multiple talks by people coming from all different backgrounds. Each have a very personal story that is moving, and it really shows that they have gone the extra mile to make a difference. They too, have been through a long and hard thinking process about what they want to do, for themselves and the world.

TedxYouth Singapore

I will just share the speakers that I felt had impacted me the most today.

TedxYouth Singapore

Firstly it is, Josiah Ng. He started a movement called “While You Were Sleeping”. In school/work, you normally see people resting their heads down, getting a fast snooze before carrying on with their day. What this movement does is a nice gesture of leaving a note and a drink next to them while they are snoozing, so when they wake up, they would be greeted by them. It is an act of being nice. Josiah shares that he when he thought about this movement, his friends thought it was silly and WEIRD, making him doubt his idea and he started asking all the wrong questions that led him the other direction from where he initially wanted to pursue. However, he acted on his idea and embraced being weird. Quoting him, he says, “It’s weird to not be weird.” He was making a difference and changing society, it is a good thing about being nice, why should it be considered weird?
The takeaway for me was that, if I had a movement or a belief that I know would help others, or make others well, I will not stop myself from doing it and I will not delay it. So “thebrokenpeople” project that I’ve always wanted to work on will commence.

TedxYouth Singapore

Secondly, it is Krystal Choo. She is the most strong-willed lady that I have ever heard of and met. She is so audacious and confident that with her will power she seems to be able to conquer almost all her obstacles. She shared 3 points. First of all it was SUCCESS. It is a fulfillment of dreams, it is personal and it is happiness. What is the point if you are competing with someone next to you, and you do better but, you don’t even like the thing that you are doing? That is not personal. In today’s society we perceive success to be money or a number, and it has to be quantifiable. However, through the process of getting the society’s perception of success, we tend to lose ourselves. Therefore, success should be more of a personal definition rather than making it all about the numbers.
Secondly, IMPACT. How do we impact people in our everyday lives? Impact may seem like it has to be a big thing, or creating a big dent. However, “small things add up to a huge difference. Contributions count.” So it can be a simple action to show concern or to take initiative that counts, “our humanity is what makes us matter.” Ms.Krystal emphasizes.
Lastly, ACTION. With action many things can be done, even with Krystal who is so capable of many things, managed to overcome her fear of people by taking action upon it. Planning events that forces her to interact with many people, made her get over the obstacle easily. Therefore, “Decide on your goals, identify the right actions and do it.”

TedxYouth Singapore

Last but not least, it is Joanne Kwok. She explained to us a theory from How I Met Your Mother, reachers versus the settlers. She herself is a reacher, constantly reaching for more. She developed the “I Still Have A Dream” project. A project to gather youths that are currently studying to share their deepest desires and dreams despite studying a more stagnant sort of education in Singapore. It really distinguishes how what the students currently study are the far opposite of what they dream to become. Ms. Joanne advised, “Make your dreams your compass, they will guide you to your destination.” Take the risk to open your heart and mind to try new things and get hurt, but it will all be worthwhile once you’ve found the purpose.

These stories and experiences being shared, were amazing. To me, it felt like motivation, inspiration, perseverance, all the positivity were just packed in one and full blasted into my face. I love such talks. There really should be more of such. Hopefully one day, I myself will be a testimony of God and of success in Him to share to others.

TedxYouth Singapore

TedxYouth Singapore


8 thoughts on “048 TedxYouth Day Singapore 2012

  1. Hey Nic, I just wanted to say that those concise paragraphs of the 3 speakers may not have left as great of an impact as they did on you because I have not listened to them live, but through those paragraphs, I can seemingly hear the speakers and their words of wisdom. I cannot agree more with their quotes and advices, and I am really glad that you shared their wise words. Moreover, it is difficult to find people like you, people with such depth and hunger for wisdom and philosophies. Keep on writing, I’m sure you’ll leave numerous footprints on people like you did on me. :)

    1. Aww thanks Tiff so much. Your encouragement means a lot to me. You can view the online videos of the speakers on Youtube too. Hang around more too. xx

  2. Cool. I was there yesterday too!

    As written on my facebook, I said I felt recharged and refreshed after hearing these “chicken soul” stories. I am glad that I made the right decision to be there to be spiritually lifted by these encouraging stories.

    We ought to live to be ourselves. We just live ONCE.
    As we walk this life journey, let’s make this lifetime worthwhile and exciting.

    1. Yes I have to agree! We only live once and we should live it out the best possible way!
      The talks were really good, wayyy to good. :)

  3. It is an inspiring blog post. It’s amazing how you can remember the details and quotes said by the speakers. Keep up the good work!! ^^

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