047 Social Media I

Sometimes I get confused with what Social Media really is and this semester in school, we learnt about what exactly is Social Media. So basically, social media usually gets mixed up with being the latest form or it is a new thing. However, it is not new. The platforms that we use today are ever-changing and something new comes up. Media can be newspapers, radio, Friendster, Facebook, then Twitter now Phewtick. It really varies and there are more to come. People are communicating over these platforms with people socially and virtually. In other words, Social Media would be counted as a social instrument/channel/vehicle of communication.

There’s another confusion which is what the difference is between social media and social networking. Social media are platforms that transmits and shares information to broad audience while Social Networking is what allows people to engage and builds relationships on websites.

Usually Social Media would be used as marketing tools and communication strategy. It allows people to have a voice of their own and they share their own personal opinions and content online for others to see, but they are able to private their information if they want. Here is a video explaining what social media can do, in simple terms:


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