046 week 4, Year 2 sem 2

I just realized that I have never really spoken about my life in DMC openly and what I study and do as a student. Well basically for this semester we have modules that consist of: Social Media, Media Psychology, Media Law & Ethics, Integrated Marketing Campaign. So as a media student, you study media-everything.

This week basically I absorbed more about what guerrilla marketing is. Its something more of a method of advertising in the most sort of outstanding and attention seeking way that does not cost that much but requires quite a lot of manpower, creativity and imagination as well as time. Examples are like flash mobs, mascots, graffiti and so on. They are usually to help engage people and interact with them. Usually they become viral, thus having the publicity through word of mouth or being posted online and so on.

My group mates and I have 2 projects (IMC and Social Media) due in 1 week with like 11 days left to go… So we are definitely trying our best to put together a good proposal for a festival! I am pretty excited because it sounds good so far just hoping we have enough time to put it together.

As hectic as how a media student’s life is… I’m just glad that each week I do bring home new knowledge :)


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