044 Project Hit: Social Media

So the school semester has begun! I have just 5 modules but basically one of them requires me to share stuff online like my thoughts and ideas etc. Its called Social Media. After this module, I honestly learnt so much more about the Internet and the platforms os social media. What I really like about this module is, during each lecture, Ms Pam, teaches the class something really useful and its applicable to our lives, like right after class you can actually practice is or use it.

Basically one of my class assignments is to create a social media platform and develop an online presence. We have to maintain it by updating it regularly, at least once a week that sorta thing with relevant content. Social media, my course, Media and Communication as well as an intrest: music for me. I was really excited cuz I guess garnering interest in a post is what I would want to do to be “successful” online even if like only 10 people have read it. Although I could’ve done this at any point, I never really had a commitment to do so. But since now it is an assignment, I really do hope that people would read and probably comment on the posts.

I have decided on what to talk about for the next few weeks. Especially for the interest: music. Laneway Festival is coming soon, so good news! Time to listen to some good new music and talk about them! Can’t wait to feed my ears with new tunes ~

Stay tuned for more!


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