039 sadness, time for a different outlook: happiness

i wonder if i only write in this space only when i am sad/lonely/disappointed/upset/hit the rock bottom/being at the lowest. because honestly this month of march has been good so far i mean not that i want to jinx it it is only the mid of the month but i am happy.

i am happy.

reminds me of the book i’ve completed within a week. it makes me happy reading that someone has actually went through the trouble to write about it, to share and discover more about what happiness is. but.
but i think the book is not enough, to truly truly discover what exactly is happiness, takes a lifetime. in the book, the author (probably writing as himself) talks about how he takes a holiday, a trip to find out about happiness. personally i think happiness is more than just that, it is a lifetime to “measure” it, there may be 5 families of happiness, i think each person goes through every single of the families, just at different stages of their lives.

1. joy, celebration, travelling, trying something new, high (alcohol/pills/at a concert)
2. wanting to achieve something, knowing where your passion lies; doing what you enjoy/love
3. being contented and yet wanting it to last; comparing your happiness with your past or other people or not comparing at all
4. certain way of looking at things eg. my glass is half full; even when things are at its lowest count your blessings
5. happiness from others: friends, lovers, family; caring about their happiness

i think we experience all these sort of happiness during our course of a lifetime. and there are definitely more than these 5 families of happiness, for sure just that it isn’t being pointed out. i’d experience 1 when i am a teen, 2 when i am finally maturing and knowing what i want when i am an adult, 3 is probably when i have found the guy i want to settle down with, 4 well, when i am facing rough times like my studies, relationship problems, or financial maybe. 5, i think this takes true patience, understanding, and the love for other people and great wisdom and maturity to put others before yourself. one of the ten commandments: love your neighbour as yourself. how accurate when you love others, you’d tend to want to see them smile. it naturally makes you smile after. & that’s why i hold on to the person i really care about

finally a piece of my mind out there when i am at my highest point, but i am sure i can get happier :’) even if i crash, i’d learn to look up and know there’ll be more happy times to come. i’ve gotten a lot of bits and pieces from the people i’ve met to learn about true happiness and what’s it like to appreciate what i have. even adapted something from Jesse J herself: ” A smile goes way further than a frown. I don’t waste so much time being in a bad mood. ” ” I’m not afraid now to be sad because as long as you know you can pull yourself out of it and not bathe and soak yourself in it, and be like ‘oh i feel sorry for myself’ then its okay. So when I was younger I’d be like snap out of it cheer up. “

adapted mostly from the book that shall not be named


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