038 who is Joseph Kony?

After watching this video and it has made me so disturbed, that a man like Joseph Kony is still on the loose out there destroying many lives, from children to their families. I started watching the video not knowing who he is of course, and not knowing what it was going to be all about. I am just in shock and disbelief. We need to make people around the world know about this person. 20 years he has been doing this, almost got him, but he is smart to get away.

It really did teach me more than who this man is but as well as really not be complacent about what I have. I have said umpteen times that I want to die. Saying it without thought but yet again. Jacob said he would rather not be on earth because there is nothing for him, no future, whats the point? I here have all I need, my dreams and I actually have the cheek to say I want to die. Shamed. So for the kids/teens girls and boys in Africa, there’s another war to fight. The world tackles it one by one, from Hitler, to Osama, now here’s another battle. Nothing is too great for God, and it is never too late I believe.

Thanks to social media everyone is connected in one way or another, why not take this opportunity to do something useful I guess to spread the word right. Well gotta pray in the mean time. Hope it all finds the children under the LRA well and they’ll be freed.

– oh i was pretty psyched when i heard a part of ‘punching in a dream’


” where you live, shouldn’t determine whether you live “


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