037 behind the scenes: dryness for mama

it started out with nothing, my mind was completely blank with no words to type out to express the idea for this work. i felt tired and empty. given 3 weeks to produce something but there was just nothing to write about no inspiration, no motivation to carry on or in the first place to begin the first sentence. i did attempt though, but there were many underlines to fill in. i tried my online research and still it was not enough for me to even create my story.

took a trip down to seah street, and it is a place that could’ve been easily missed, but we just happened to be curious cats and found ourselves walking up three flights of stairs with cute little white animal figurines placed along the stairway up. it really takes an observant one to notice them placed there. really thoughtful! 

anyway once we were inside, we took a quick walk around and entered the ‘sales’ room. we were just admiring this pair of earrings that was basically clippers that clipped dried flowers. the sales assistant noticed and approached us sharing that the designer that came up with this concept was actually trying to portray that young children like to pick small things up, and they can be the simplest of things but still be fascinated. so by doing this it is like saying you can do display anything you’d like or whatever that interests you. after she explained what it was to us, she went on to ask if it was our first time here and what brought us here so i told her that i was supposed to write about this place and i am here to find out more about it. she was being so nice, she directed us to the founder/owner of the shop. (who was clearly having a small tour with the new intern) so we had a short interview/q&a session, it was really fruitful, i felt like the bottle cap to my head was unscrewed, and opened my mind to fill it with another person’s input of ideas and sharing of thoughts. it was fulfilling and inspiring. that later will be revealed actually in the feature article in obscured. but what else that was not included in the article is what i am about to share.

we saw a couple of notebooks, exercise notebooks to be precise. there were many different designs, we were told that it is featured because it is the idea of what exercise books meant to these local designers. and it was their way of expressing their thoughts. one intrigued me the most, it was titled “national education”, and the lines of the exercise books was actually words like: integrity, compassion, virtue, conscience, honesty and so on. so you would be writing on these words and be reminded. it was a very interesting concept i must say.

the owner also talked about books that they carried. these books are mostly picture books, probably meant for children but she shares that when she has friends that are feeling down or upset, she will give them a few of these books as gifts to cheer them up and brighten their day. and it helps! so she says. she opened a random page of this book and said that they actually have deeper meaning that allows children and even grown ups to ponder about. it really makes you rationalize things in your head and weigh it out in some sense. ” i see the man lifting weights, and i feel weak. i help my mom carry the laundry basket, i feel strong. ”

she gets one of the interns to explain and tell us about his work. so it is basically a dried up plant that is placed in a plaster shaped pot. he tells us that people don’t usually look close into details especially nowadays, and they just see plants for just what they are and move on. but by placing these tiny dried up plants and sealing them into the white plaster, it makes the person go closer and get a better glimpse and even admire it. looking into the finer details of such a simple matter. i asked him if there was anything special about the plant, and mind you, he said he picked them up along the roadside! how amazing, just using something we don’t happen to even notice along the streets, and making it stand out by positioning it in a manner where people will stop to take a closer look!

well lastly, we were just taking a final walk around the exhibition room and we realized that what was supporting all of these products/creations/art pieces was a door. it was an old school door! they used the flaps (my mom told me what it was called but i forgot the name) as a CD rack. real interesting. and i think i would add in a bit of my logic? it is as if saying open the door of your mind, to be flexible and accepting. to be more observant and really slow down and take a step back to look at the least expected things, simplest things in life. appreciate what we have.

after we left the place, we just kept talking about what we really enjoyed about that place, and we were pointing out almost every detail in the shop. i guess it really lives up to its “mission statement” hoping that each person that enters the shop would take a little bit back home. it has fulfilled its purpose, yay! (and of course my drive to therefore complete my task for writing an article about it)

this is what i call, simplicity at its very best


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