031 quotations

my favourite quotations as seen on facebook

i have so many thoughts about quotes like just so recently, it just struck me. how quotes help me and guide me. but sometimes i find that too many may confuse you, and you just don’t know what you’re living up to. i went to research on the definition; it says its to ” repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech), typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker. ” and usually people take a chunk out of what someone else says because its either for reference or because it is meaningful, or a smart statement that should be retained in the mind.

just as it is like bible verses, well as a Christian, of course i remember them to calm myself, to remind myself what life is about, and when in my lowest of spirits it just brings my spirits back up! quoting it comforts me and helps me focus on God a lot.
just as other quotations actually help me get past tough times but some may not be of absolute truth just comforting statements. is it stated just because it rings, does it even make sense (just asking)? mm put a little of thought into it. don’t just take the quote just because everyone is quoting that.

it would be nice to live by something, but when you’re living it out, i think its best to inspire others as well, so that they can quote from your life and your actions. so that with what built you, would build others in return. with the collection and accumulation of what you lived by, would in return form and create something new and great for others to see and live by. a living example for others.

an example would be mitch albom, i think he is the most influential person in my life. i am sure he has people he has looked up to before, and from that it has made him successful. and just by that he has accomplished so many things and published great books, well, its like churning what has influenced you, into something influential for others.

i’ll just share another quote that is what i try to think about when i do say or do something, is it done w careful thought or is it wise of me to do such a thing? i’m not as wise as i think i am…
‘ I feel old. But not very wise. ‘ – Jenny, An Education (2009)
i am turning eighteen, and each year we all get older. but with this quote, it actually reminds me that even if you are old, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wise. because wisdom doesn’t grow with ones age. you will need to nurture and cultivate, seek wisdom and it will be given. ” For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. ” Proverbs 2:6

well its a great thought and sorting out of my mind here.


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