027 Bombarded with youth

Jack Steadman & Jamie MacColl

FILLED with aplenty of youthfulness, four gentlemen formed a band when they were only 15 years old. Now only in their 20s, the Bombay Bicycle Club have already released three albums in the past three years. One of which has actually won them the Best New Band award for the NME Awards in 2010. How is it even possible to continuously release albums, some artistes have difficulty finding their inspiration to write their songs but for these guys it is as simple as that.

Jack Steadman, the lead singer, shared with me that when they are on tour, his laptop is with him all the time which allows him to write songs on the go. ” People tend to say, how is that possible? They usually write in their studios. When in fact, what’s there not the write about? “, he says as he gestures to his surroundings, ” Look where we are! ” We were seated at the highest level of Marina Bay Sands with an extraordinary view of Singapore from above. He has also added cooly, ” If Lady Gaga can write at the back of her tour bus, it shouldn’t be a problem for us. ” As a matter of fact, the most recent song they wrote was done in Jack’s iPhone.

I have actually read that these guys have been banned from a few places in the UK, so I asked them how are the live performances like? Guitarist, Jamie MacColl tells me that the most wild and insane performance was in Amsterdam where they had a lot of fun. But he also added that they are trying to calm down to be less crazy during their performances.
Jack recalls his wildest incident would be the time when the crowd was almost in his face. ” There was this girl, that was all the way up close,” he puts his hand a few inches away from his face and shrugs, ” I don’t know what happened but I hit her by accident with my guitar and there was just blood all over on her head. ”

A few of the band members have completed their A levels, I wondered, has it always been juggling both studies and music for them back then? Jamie shares, ” Nah, it was more of studies first? Because music can wait, we just saved it for after the exams. ” But he also added that they did manage to jam in between and come up with a few singles.
I was curious to find out whether they would actually be interested to further their studies or stick with music forever so I went on to ask them. Jack’s eyes opened wide at the question and said, ” Wow, its the only thing I’m good at… So yeah.” ‘Its’ meaning music. However, for Jamie he stated that he might consider taking evening classes and such. He also revealed that Suren, the band’s drummer, had in fact secretly taken a degree in becoming a nutritionist and they just found out very recently.

Lastly I asked them, what was the craziest thing you guys have done together as a band? This question seemed to be one of the toughest question for them so far. Jack and Jamie were both, um-ing and er-ing with hesitation trying to recall one of the craziest things they had done together. It seemed as if they had too many experiences. After a while, Jamie finally spoke, ” There was once, three of our touring members were locked out of their hotel rooms and they were naked… They had to go to the hotel reception naked as well. ” He was quick to add that he was not one of them. Wonder what had really happened that day. To sum it up, Jack plainly said, ” It was a lot of high school stuff. ”

These boys seem to have it all, being young at heart and still having their fun wherever they travel as a band. Bringing great music and crazy wild moments to the crowd during each gig they have. They sure have taught me that you can get your inspiration from almost everywhere, and usually at its best when you’re travelling, as you get to see life as it is from each perspective. This band is still young, and sure they’d grow to be a greater indie band with more of the unexpected for their fans out there.

– Nicole Yeo, 15 Jan 2012

Awkward me with the 2 members! A pity Ed and Suren weren't in it though :(

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