026 redbull-ied?

Last night at Clara’s I downed 1 can of red bull, pure that. I dont drink that frequently but to keep me awake I took that. The effect I got:

‘ I felt heavy and light at the same time.
My arms and limbs were light and I would twitch.
My heart would bounce accordingly feeling as if it was choking my throat.
The insides of me filled with more butterflies than usual, it fluttered and churned about. As if there my second heart existed.

What goes on in the mind was not the same reaction,
it was dull and full of exhaustion.
I could not control my thoughts, most belonged to what my heart desired for the most.
Yet the other side of the brain wanted sleep.
Both sides kept tugging.

My body wanted to float, it was light.
My mind wanted to lay down, it was heavy.
My body wanted to stay awake,
my mind begged to differ.

Damn, the thick taste of red bull still lingering. As if the glucose are charging through my veins right then, making my body lighter. But not my mind. ‘

Well, for a long time now, Im not drinking Redbull the gold ones are too powerful.


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