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sometimes right now i am just wondering why when it comes to a new year, its called New. i mean besides the number change from 2011 to 2012. the days are still the same, passing at the same rate or almost faster. the year that passes so fast feels so scary, i think about 11.11.11 that was celebrated, then my seventeenth birthday, then the start of school. it passes almost all too quickly that it is scary.

what’s there to look forward to this 2012:

new friends, new goals, new lessons to be learnt, new things to be discovered about oneself, new adventures, new reads, new inspirations, new motivation, new semester, new pains, new disappointments, new burdens, new hopes, new pictures, new stories, new facts

actually i see a pattern, that when new friends are made, when it comes to the end of the year, they wouldn’t be that close anymore. puzzled. its sad and scary. its a question why humans can’t keep in contact with every single person. i guess its the clash of timetables and that people are always busy. too involved with themselves that when everyone feels like that, it is impossible to remain close/in contact with new people. sigh life.


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