023 christmas

what is christmas without christ? what is the true meaning of christmas?

i think the concern today is about christmas being too commercialized, nowadays when it comes to this season what everyone worries about and thinks of is, money, presents, food, holiday. not many people know what really is the true meaning of christmas. children only yell for presents. adults sit back and relax knowing that its just another holiday. but i guess what a lot of people are missing out is the true meaning of giving. the reason for this season, is really about God giving us His one and only son Jesus to be born into this world to be our saviour. hence i suppose that is where everyone starts the giving tradition to all people that mean a lot to us.

really hope/pray more people understand what this is all about. it is actually a chance for people to learn more about christ because almost everyone celebrates christmas. everyone. and the thing is its a christian thing so i guess it is actually a step closer to knowing God just that they have entered the wrong path to get to know the truth and the light. if they were to understand it, it would be a much lovelier scene instead of mis-celebrating it.


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