022 dream. career.

As a kid I did have a lot of things I ever wanted to become, I think thats what us kids are like. When you’re young you have the potential to do almost anything and everything. You never really specifically ace in something. Your character is developing, your personality as well. So as it develops, you slowly grow to form and specialize in something.

One thing I have grown to dislike is, people dreaming way to big. I mean, okay everyone dreams about having something being someone. You can dream, but why not take action against it and make it happen, make yourself happy and feeling fulfilled. I really dislike it when people just sit there not literally but not doing anything about it, at least, ask yourself, what in this life have you accomplished? What is it that you want to accomplish?

A friend once told me this amazing advice that I am going to carry through my whole life, live by it and tell my kids.
In life, basically for your dreams/ambition. There are 3 simple questions and actions you should ask yourself and make it happen.
1) What do you want to do in your life? ( know what you want )
2) What are the steps/actions that you have to take in order to accomplish it? ( know how to get there )
3) Don’t give up, have motivation to get there. Know your flaws, and work on it.

I wanted to be a vet/doctor when I was a kid,
but I never was good at remembering all the big doctor words, I hated stitching things up, or operating because an animal’s life is at stake and I don’t want to see something precious die. Saving lives is the key to almost every doc’s heart, but well… I get weak knees when I see someone in pain, I just cry along. I hate to see suffering.

I wanted to be a teacher,
but I can’t. I was inspired by my mother, whenever I had holidays, I would help out at the school she teaches at. I enjoyed myself because the children, toddlers mostly, were all adorable. But I realized I am someone with not much patience to teach someone, even teaching someone in class how to solve a sum would piss me off from frustration. And slowly I realized I don’t really have patience for young kids, even primary school kids. So never again will I see myself a teacher. Hardly.

I wanted to be a chef,
it was because of Gordon Ramsay, I wanted to cook marvelous food, to enjoy it myself and for people. But I realized how afraid I am of the knife and hot water… so no, I can’t. I can’t really differentiate certain food. I doubt my taste buds sometimes, oops. I’ve seen people loving food and cooking since young, wow you sure have the techniques, I… hardly can poach an egg right.

I wanted to be a FBI, crime investigator, forensic researcher,
but, I fear blood. Yet I love the thrill of piecing puzzles back together. To me though in this line, you really need to be super observant. & I would say I am not that confident in myself… I guess I have met other people that seem to point out things faster than I can so I have dropped the idea. Also I dread chemistry so, I guess science wouldn’t be my sorta thing either. I shall just stick to watching Criminal Minds, Fringe and CSI.

I wanted to be a lawyer,
I actually still want to be a lawyer. Although my source of inspiration was from John Grisham and Jodi Picoult books. I really was so fascinated at the piecing together of stories and cases. Also at how much these people can stand up for the victims and make justice fair at the end of the day. Its amazing. Then again, observation, fast and creative minds, determination for a battle. All important. & apparently you really have to be very smart to tell the right stories to the judge at the end of the day, and you have to be able to be firm with what you present. No doubts about your evidence too. Frightening.

I wanted to be a radio deejay,
I wonder how far I can go with that, the amount of energy and excitement you have to commit into each show is tremendous. It is an interesting job, because it is to move your audience get them to act just through listening. Something you have to have the talent for, a nice voice, creative thinking too. & I can say I am someone that messes up speech sometimes, I talk a lot, but for the content of it, it really depends on my mood. But I really like how most deejays, are like sanguines maybe? You hear them even before you meet them.

Lastly now I am working on where my passion lies in, journalism/writing,
I question my passion sometimes and that scares me, I am afraid that what if Im doing a course I am not interested in actually? But I really know 3 things, I love reading, I love writing, and I want to inspire people with what I have read and written. It matters to me a lot. So be it being a journalist, or an author, I will leave it to God. So long as I work for it with my 101% effort into whatever I do, I get what I deserve.


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