017 control

here’s a new thought. control.

what is control, when you look at it from different perspectives it really means different things, well the synonyms: manipulate, command, contain/tolerant, moderate. and when you look at the synonyms, it shows the different degrees of control and how it can be used differently. thing about the english language is words really can be used in so many ways and methods, which is, mind boggling. when you notice the pattern, its really like… interesting.

but i think when i was pondering and “brainstorming” on this idea, i kept thinking of the word power, and thinking whether control is a good thing or a bad one. but really just thinking about it, it is so true that as humans, we are control freaks. almost each and every one of us are. we tend to grow towards the term perfect, we want everything perfect and to go in order, but i guess life is full of surprises and it’s all just unpredictable.

well on the positive note of it, when we control, maybe our temper. i guess it disciplines us, moulding our personality to have patience, and understanding when working with people. something i always remember hearing from adults to children would be, “please control yourself” “control your behaviour” whoever don’t get these from parents or anyone, you must be some well-mannered kid since a child, not bad. but yeah, control yourself. i wonder how control is used in this term, lock us up, chained, tied up? which leads me… to another thing i perceive, which is, control is another word for stop. ever thought of that? control = stop well in the behaviour context.

something else that i’d say which is mm, more of negative of control. power. how people misuse the power of control and cross the line. just because you can control someone it doesn’t mean you can get what you want and dominate everything. no one owes you a living.

at the end of the day i guess there are different pressure when it comes to control, and it depends on the type of control you use. behavioural wise and the authority and power you have in your hands.


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