015 floating around special

Everyone wants to be special isn’t it just searching for the right place to be so that we can shine as bright as we can.

So I read a column by Peaches in October’s It Girl issue about what makes a girl actually It. And it really inspired me. So, first question is what exactly is an It girl?

' Just Do It ' Peaches Geldof
' Just Do It ' Peaches Geldof

Someone that is alluring, dazzles and inspires.

To me personally, Peaches is my It girl, she inspires me a lot especially in writing. She stands out and I love reading her articles. I think the highlight here is inspire.

So as of today, I actually aiming to inspire the people around me, or maybe to use another term, influence?

Thing about It-dom is, just standing out even though you are not trying to. That people notice you around. Also to have this edgy look. Sigh.

Okay I have just been doing a lot of thinking about what I wanna be, who I want to be. So well I feel like I just have to be better than others, I feel like fighting for it so badly.


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