012 perceptions

Worried about how others may view me. I mean I know I dont live to please others but there is this thing in me that worries. I dont want others to see me as maybe an ah lian? Or a girl that clubs? Selfish? Ugly on the inside and out?

The first impression I want to leave is, a good one. Just like how I remember what I get from church: what you post out online, it is not longer about you, but its the image of God.
I want to know how others see me for the first impression. I guess now I know how important it means to me.

I had a conversation with someone last night about religion. About faith. About marriage. Is it right or wrong if one is a Christian and the partner isnt? I believe its wrong? I think I have a few friends, both their parents believe in different things. The values and beliefs are different, I think they are confused. It is so weird isnt it. I mean we would want to be with someone that can spur one another on towards their destination. But I dont think its just partners but friends. Good friends. Friends that would actually cheer one another and pick one another up when they fall.

Life is like the sea, waves incoming, inevitably our problems are incoming. Up and down. There’s usually no time for break, we seem to always be on the move as time and life is short. No time to regret about our mistakes. Instead, use it to make you stronger and move on.
Don’t just look back and cry over it, look back and remind yourself,

” I don’t ever want to be that old person again. “


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