04 move along

It can totally be read in the same page, someone else has passed away, and I can’t get over it, it is pretty much haunting. I am only 16 turning 17 and 2 people I know have already moved on this year. I don’t understand why. I mean so much about death, it is a scary thing, and I am actually scared of it. Who can possibly stand at the edge of a building and look down and not think, what if I fall and just splat – die. There’s this shudder I get down my spine, and people out there can speak of death as if it is just simple, yes it is, but how can you not fear it?

I know God says to not fear death but I can’t help it. :/ I need to pray for more strength. After all, the word he provided me with this year was Strength. Sigh I guess there might be more things coming up….

Haley Shay ( 2nd from the left, and I was at the background, the bin was blocking me )

I actually wonder and ponder, if I were to die, who will remember me? Because, Haley and I were in the same class for only about 6 or less months, but we were in ISP for 3 years together. Life then was just hi and bye. I think I was only a little part of her memory, but I was so sad. It made me even more frightful about death because you can leave anytime.

City Hall
We all need to cross the road and move on, depends where you're going, which side you're taking

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