03 strength to carry on

Okay so it is already week 4 of school and I am already piled with 2 CAs. Come to think of it, omg 1 month of school already! Time flies it only felt like 2 weeks this is too scary. I remember last year or a few years ago when I kept saying that time flies but I never really knew how it felt like. Bur now I think technology is really getting the best of us and time really is flying so fast that I can see it and feel it. Smell it and taste it and hear. Gosh.

Anyway I really think it is all in Gods timing. During week 2 I fell sick, had fever and all that sort with sore throat flu. I really want to thank God, now that the CA projects are stepping in, I have recovered from illnesses and I am up on my feet running the race once again and I feel stronger than before with hopefully more stamina?
I am really glad and grateful that He has healed me! Amen. Hehe.

I just need strength oh Lord to carry on this race with the projects more CAs will come I think? Yeah. I just hope to do my best in all the modules I have got. Yup, well basically thanking God for the right timing. Really happy to have realized what He has done.


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