where’s God’s reverence?

are we serious about what we give to God? what we honour Him with? where do our priorities lie, who is first, what is first? why do we go to church? what is our attitude? have we been respecting Him and honouring with the right sacrifices of our lives or simply have just given Him our leftovers instead of the best we have?

because simply put it as, He has given us life, that is the best gift anyone can get.

just simply yesterday was when i realized that when someone moves on to another world, it is all too late. i was in grief that she has already moved on.
i never really knew her well, nor did she.
i doubt if i were to face her again she would remember me.
if i had a chance to tell her about things again,
this is what i would’ve said:
thank you for letting me gain,
for you never absented yourself from class,
and yet we usually complain,
about you being so naggy at us, but i know it was for our good
at the end of sec 2, i scored my highest of lower sec, A2. i guess it was because i had tuition but you know, i think it was because of the way she taught us in which i understood and paid attention in class.

i may not attend her wake or funeral. firstly because i don’t really have the time, but also, i get emotional, even though i didn’t know about her so much i would probably tear.
i regret, i regret not thanking her after graduating from school. sigh. all i can do now, is pray she is good with God because He has taken her to a safer place.


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